Honda Motorcycle Shop

Our certified Honda motorcycle shop technicians are ready to fix your Honda Motorcycle right the first time. Turn Socket strives to provide the best service for your Honda motorcycle and take customer satisfaction to the next level.


Repair Services we provide at our Honda motorcycle shop.

  • Carburetor Cleaning
  • Carburetor Rejetting
  • Carburetor Synchronization
  • Carburetor Rebuilding
  • Tuning
  • Fork and Suspension Rebuilds
  • Gas Tank Flush
  • Radiator Coolant Flush
  • Replacing Radiator Hoses
  • Brake Fluid Flush/Fill & Bleed
  • Clutch fluid flush/fill & bleed
  • Air filter service
  • Rear Differential Oil Change
  • Valve Clearance Adjustments
  • Battery Replacements
  • Replacing Fuel Line
  • Replace Vacuum Hoses
  • Tire installations
  • Replacing Tire Tubes
  • Tune Up
  • Oil Change
  • Changing Spark Plugs
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Transmission Rebuilds
  • Chain & Sprockets replacement
  • Cleaning injectors
  • Diagnosing
  • Installing Aftermarket Parts
  • Replacing Brakes
  • Battery charge
  • Replace Bulbs
  • Installing HID
  • General Maintenance & Repairs
  • Overall inspection of machine
  • Tire Pressures and adjust if required
  • General Lubrication of Motorcycle
  • Clutch Adjustment
  • Brake Fluid Levels
  • Drive chain adjustment
  • Steering Check
  • Throttle Cable Adjustment

Carburetor Cleaning/Rebuilding

Carburetor cleanings and rebuilding are the cornerstone of good maintenance. Even a Honda motorcycle with 200 miles that has been left to sit idle in the garage can find itself in need of a full system carburetor cleaning and fuel system flush. This ensures that the lines within your system clear any surprise build-up that may result in you being stranded on the road is processed in a safe, professionally handled certified technician.

Unlike other Chandler Honda Motorcycle shops, we keep most carburetor rebuild kits in stock, saving you time and money!

Just have aftermarket pipes, air filter, or air intakes installed and your motorcycle isn’t running like it used to? It may be time for a rejet tune!

Fork and Suspension Rebuilds

Don’t take your forks leaking lightly. What may seem like a minor nuisance can result in performance loss, and at worse it can result in your brakes becoming slick. Consider bringing in your bike today to our certified Chandler Honda motorcycle shop. Our affordable fork and suspension rebuild services will have your Honda motorcycle back to OEM specifications at an affordable rate that will have you back on the road in no time.

Valve Clearance Adjustments

Valve clearance adjustments are a “must” for your motorcycle. Valves being out of spec can lead to increased engine wear, hampering performance and an early demise for your Honda motorcycle.

Changing Spark Plugs

Don’t let a simple spark plug repair affect your daily ride. No other part of a Honda motorcycle is as easy, or as affordable, to keep maintained. Bring your motorcycle into our certified Chandler Honda motorcycle shop to have them replaced and inspected to make sure you engine is happy, ensuring you’ll be happy.

Oil Change

Maintenance 101: the oil change. Keeping up with your oil and filter changes is the easiest way to extend the life of your engine, hands down. Too often we have Honda motorcycles brought in with engines to stressed to run, leaving you with the expensive task of replacing an engine instead of a filter.