Motorcycle clothing – The Kevlar Revolution

What’s changed in motorcycling?

Ever since bikers began biking there has been a sprawl by major clothing manufacturers to develop the most high-tech and ‘safest’ motorcycle clothing available. However, in this race to make the holy grail of motorcycle jackets there has been one thing that most missed. Style.

Bikers are people too, and these days bikers are becoming more and more like normal people and less like the stereotypical biker of the past. Opting for comfort over race infused wear, and we are even seeing a huge leap in the actual motorcycles people are now riding. With naked bikes leading the way in new sales across the UK and some of the US.

Whilst this change is going, on the race for high-speed rider protection has taken a slight downturn while the focus of many clothing brands seems to have turned towards designing motorcycle jackets, jeans (Yes Jeans!) and shoes that suit the style of a normal person.

Fashion is now a thing for bikers! We’ve always liked to be noticed whether that’s by de-catting our pipes to let our engines roar in front of our friends or wheeling along our favourite road. But once we get off our bikes, it appears our aim to be noticed has changed.

Everyday street riders are looking for ways to wear their comfortable fashion clothing out on the bike so that when they get off they can walk among the rest of the population without their clothing screaming ‘I Ride Bikes!’.

What’s changed in motorcycle clothing?

With this change in attitude towards riding motorcycles, it appears that the larger brands are moving towards newer more versatile materials that can keep bikers safe, but also can easily integrate into normal fashion clothing.

One of the biggest advances in this is the use of Kevlar and aramid fibres.

Kevlar Motorcycle Clothing

Kevlar is a material that carries properties such as high abrasion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and durability. When it is woven into fabrics this ‘wonder’ material can be used for a number of applications, including for lining motorcycle jackets and clothing.

Motorcycle burnout clothing

Since the first Kevlar garments were made for motorcyclists it has quickly become the go-to for any casual motorcycle wear, with it now being used to line Kevlar Jeans, Kevlar Jackets, Kevlar Hoodie, and even Kevlar Leggings.

Brands like Alpinestars, RST, REV-IT and LDM have released whole lines of Kevlar motorcycle jackets and jeans to suit this growing trend of bikers who want more versatility from their riding gear.

Where does this leave leather?

Leather will always hold a place in bikers heart, and remains the most protective material for motorcycle riders thanks to it’s durability and abrasion resistance however when it comes to the new generation of street bikers it’s likely that we will see less and less leather out on the roads.

On the track it’s a different story, as Kevlar motorcycle clothing won’t be able to match the protective properties on a level with leather clothing except when used in such thicknesses that will counter-balance the lightweight benefits of Kevlar.

As far as track riding goes, Leather is here to stay but on the street and around town it looks like it might have to move over for it’s lighter, more versatile competitor in Kevlar.


Want to see what Kevlar can do? Watch the video below: